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Once upon a time, two scrappy and creative local businesses who loved to think outside the box came together to bring something new to the Downtown they both loved.  The result:  Rabbit Rabbit AVL.  Why the name? “Rabbit Rabbit” is a long-standing superstition that has been around for generations, something you say to bring yourself good luck.  The story goes that if the very first words you utter on the first day of each new month are “Rabbit Rabbit!”, you’ll have good luck all month long. 

Orange Peel Events and Asheville Brewing Company consider our partnership on this new project, on a needle-in-the-hay piece of property right in the middle of our beloved downtown, the ultimate stroke of good luck.  For us, for our customers and fans, and for Asheville.

Sure, rabbits are “little guys”, but they are also quick, responsive, productive, and willing to take big leaps.  That’s how we see our two little companies within the greater downtown landscape.  This amazing new event space represents the coming together of both of us: not just one lucky Rabbit, but two. 

Rabbit Rabbit. It’s where the magic happens. Make your own luck with us.



Upcoming Events
Aug 05
Orange Peel Events presents

Bright Eyes

Thu, Aug 05
Aug 28
Orange Peel Events presents

Band Of Horses

Sat, Aug 28
Sept 29
Orange Peel Events presents

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

with special guest Bahamas
Wed, Sept 29
Oct 22
Orange Peel Events presents

Modest Mouse

Fri, Oct 22
Oct 23
Orange Peel Events presents

Drive-By Truckers

Sat, Oct 23