You may be wondering, how do I increase my odds of scoring tickets?!? These tips do not guarantee you will get tickets, but you’ll have a much better chance! Read on:

TL;DR? Here are the highlights:

  • There is a four ticket limit per customer on this one.
  • For the general public, tickets go on sale online and in person at 10am ET, Friday July 28th.
  • For locals, we recommend buying in person at the OP box office Friday.
  • The Rabbit Rabbit box office will not be open for advanced tickets sales. Go to The Orange Peel box office.
  • Yes, there is an online presale on Thursday; subscribe to our newsletter by Wednesday at noon for the password.

Read on for more details about in-person, online, and presale tips.


  • If you are local, your best bet is to come get in line IN PERSON at the Orange Peel (101 Biltmore Ave) Box Office which serves as the daytime box office for Rabbit Rabbit, this Friday, July 28. 
  • The Rabbit Rabbit box office (at 75 Coxe Ave.) will NOT be open for advanced sales, so make sure to come to the Peel!
  • The Orange Peel box office will open at 10am on Friday.
    • The earlier you arrive, the more likely you will get tickets.  If you’ve done the in-person thing here before for a big show, you know we make every effort to take care of EVERYONE who has been in line a reasonable amount of time, depending on the number of fans who show up.  How early?  It’s hard to predict, but the earlier the better, as that ensures you a priority place in line.  We do our best to take care of everyone who shows up early!  (If you show up at 9:55am for the 10am on-sale, we can’t make any promises, but we’ll still try!)


  • There will be an online pre-sale for OP & RR e-newsletter subscribers (sign up at https://rabbitrabbitavl.com (SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM!) or https://theorangepeel.net/info/contact-us ) which will allow local fans to buy tickets online one day early, starting Thursday (7/27) from 10am – 10pm.
  • Presale buyers purchasing online on Thursday will need a password! That password will be sent out in our weekly e-newsletter on Wednesday afternoon, so be sure to sign up in advance!
  • Use the direct link from Etix to avoid the step of clicking through our venue website:  https://www.etix.com/ticket/p/7935483 < Bookmark it!
  • For online orders, be sure that you enter your credit card billing information – including the exact formatting for your billing address (double check your zip code!) – accurately in order to avoid an error in processing. Don’t abbreviate Road to Rd if that is not the way your bank lists it.
  • One last tip: if you are given the “tickets unavailable” message, keep trying. We recommend trying again until at least 10:30/10:45am, because some buyers will put tickets in a shopping cart but not finish the transaction, for whatever reason, which ties up those tickets temporarily.  So, if you have the time to spend on it, it never hurts to keep trying! You might get lucky!

Tickets for this show will sell out FAST!  Be prepared that tickets will likely run out – demand will probably exceed supply.   We wish we could accommodate every fan, and we’re really sorry in advance if there are not enough tickets to go around.

Again, if you are local, your surest bet to get tickets is to show up early on Friday to the OP box office. 


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