Winter Tree Carnival



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  • $300 = Adopt a tree to decorate. One tree allowed per business/organization.
  • $600 = Adopt a tree to decorate and adopt an additional tree for a non-profit organization.

    *** Rabbit Rabbit reserves the right to reject the sponsorship application of any business/organization/ individual. 

Rabbit Rabbit, the new Downtown venue and outdoor event space co-operated by Orange Peel Events and Asheville Brewing Company, is excited to announce a new addition to Asheville’s selection of local festive holiday events: the first annual Winter Tree Carnival.

Inspired by similar walk-through events, displaying locally decorated holiday trees, that have historically taken place both indoors and out, across the winter season, Rabbit Rabbit partner Mike Rangel is bringing this favorite family tradition to Asheville for the first time. A portion of the proceeds from tree sponsors will benefit Manna Foodbank, and visitors are invited to bring in shelf-stable food items for donation at Rabbit Rabbit throughout the winter season.

“My vision was to bring something festive and locally-driven, that will offer local businesses a way to promote their brands and show off their individuality and creativity, while at the same time creating a free, safe, outdoor activity for Asheville families and visitors,” said Rangel. “To me, Downtown is the perfect place for this kind of fun event with a unique Asheville spin, over the holidays.”

Community members, nonprofits, and local businesses are invited to reserve a tree to decorate, prior to the event’s opening to the public in mid-November.  The trees have already been reserved from a local tree farm, says Rangel, and will be delivered and ready to adorn and ornament by the purchasing organization starting in early November.

Trees will be $300 to reserve, with an option to “Buy one, Give one,” to donate the opportunity to a favorite local nonprofit or service organization of the buyer’s choice.  Trees will be displayed at Rabbit Rabbit, 75 Coxe Avenue, from mid November through January 2nd.

The Winter Tree Carnival will be accompanied by holiday movie events,  winter pop-up shops, a special festive drink menu, and more fun and family-friendly winter programming at Rabbit Rabbit.  Entry to view the trees will be free to the public daily; with the exception of ticketed or private event nights. 

For more information, and to reserve a tree for your business or group, visit:


  • Trees are 6-7 feet in height. One 9’-10’ tree as the featured venue tree that Rabbit Rabbit will  decorate. Sponsors are not required to provide decorations for this tree.
  • Tree stand is included with the sponsorship.
  • A vinyl, weather-resistant banner (around 2’x3’ dimension) with the tree’s sponsor name is provided  by Rabbit Rabbit. Let us know if you are purchasing the tree for a different organization and want  their name listed on the banner instead of yours.
  • Trees will be in groups in different locations around Rabbit Rabbit. Let us know if you want your tree  to be next to another business/organization tree and we will do our best to accommodate this  request.
  • During severe weather such as high winds/heavy rain we will not turn the tree lights on for safety  concerns.


  • Decorations must be weather-proof. No tinsel/material is allowed that can easily come off.
  • Trees will be spaced 3 feet from neighboring trees. Let us know if you need a little extra space.
  • Use zip-ties or other secure fasteners for material that may be blown off of trees by high winds.
  • Family friendly and non-offensive decorations only. Remember, this an event that is open to all ages and beliefs. Contact us if you are unsure your decoration design does not fit this guideline BEFORE  arriving to decorate your tree in order to avoid any issues.
  • Only weather-resistant LED lights are allowed. Decorating with lights is not a requirement. • Tree sponsors are required to provide an outdoor, weather-resistant extension cord (minimum 15’ in  length) if decorating with lights. Rabbit Rabbit will provide electricity.
  • SPRAY PAINTING YOUR TREE? — If you are using spray paint, then you are required to bring a drop  cloth (plastic or cloth) in order to prevent the venue and your neighbors’ trees from being damaged. • WEEKLY “MAINTENANCE” — Sponsors are asked to make a weekly visit to check on their tree’s  decorations. Rabbit Rabbit will notify the sponsors if decoration issues are noticed by our staff.


*** Rabbit Rabbit will be open weekly from Tuesday thru Sunday.  

*** Rabbit Rabbit is closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. 

  • November 12th - 14th: Sponsors are required to complete their decorations during this period.
  • November 16th: Winter Tree Carnival officially opens to the public. This is also the release party of  Asheville Brewing Company’s annual Ninjabread Man Holiday Porter at Rabbit Rabbit.
  • December 17th: This is the first day that sponsors are allowed to remove their tree if it is being  donated to a charity.
  • January 3rd - 5th: Sponsors are required to remove decorations and extension cords.
  • January 6th: Trees will be donated to mulch farmers.